The new QC LED Panel from UK LED Lighting has been designed with quality, reliability, high efficacy  and safety at the forefront.   Utilising a unique range of diffusers, various levels of UGR can be achieved to UGR<19 with a less costly UGR<23 also available.   The Crystal vIEW diffuser can be supplied with large HEX, small and medium hex or traditional frosted if required. Using quality PMMA and fire retardent PC we offer a fire rating of either V1 or V2.  Additionally the 120 Lumen per watt LED makes this a stand out panel in the market.  QC LED Panel can also be supplied suspended , surface and ceiling mounted.   We also offer a wide choice of  colour temperatures and even RGB.    Lastly we are pleased to be able to offer custom sizes of panels to be able to give the very best market option. 


QC LED Panel 600×600 -30 watt


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QC LED Panel 1200×300 -30 watt

QC LED Panel 1200 x 600 – 50 watt

QC LED Panel 1500×300 – 50 watt

QC LED Panel 500×500-30watt

RGB LED Panel 600×600