Recessed Powerline 70

So far the biggest profile from Plaster Board Line (70mm width of
diffuser). The raw aluminum surface and the matching shade emphasize
the quality of the product. Innovative design provides unique features
such as: Premade angle modules, mounting rail for the junction box
and dedicated openings for the ease of installation. Thanks to effcient
heat dissipation surface, it can be safely used for high power LED
strips (up to 50W/m). The profile can be equipped with reflectors
made of highly polished aluminum with a light reflectance (> 95%).
This solution improves the luminaire’s effciency by 10-20%. The
profile has been designed so that there are no visible points of light.
Depending on external conditions, we oer our clients three types
of UV-resistant diffusers: matt & transparent and prismatic (UGR <19).



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