Alcove 2 LED Profile

In addition to ‘Cove1’, our latest extrusion ‘Cove2’ is also made of high-quality
aluminum, designed to be recessed into walls & ceilings.

It is devised to be used together with Groove 15 LED Profile.

This simplified installation makes it a
two-step process: using the perforated edges, the base is

screwed then plastered into the wall and ceiling & the

insert profile slides in secured by M4 thread screw.

Additionally, Cove 2 profile is also suitable for linear
connectors allowing to create of uniform lines of light

up to desired lengths. Together with it comes dedicated

end caps making it a complete aesthetic design.
All the above features provide a complete system

to able to wash down a wall with a homogenous light,

without a complicated installation process.


PDF Icon PDF Alcove 2 LED profile